Colouring Book.


Final Promotional images released within the Colouring Book Promotional Package on Instagram. The images feature a RCA ColorTrak television from two different angles, with model Grant Godbee using the signature "on/off" power knob.

-Images photographed by Luke Simpson

-Posted by The Colour Negative on 09/19/2017 & 09/25/2017


(Above): The official label for the original VHS release of Colouring Book.


(To the Right): A test design by graphic design artist, London Taylor, before the final graphical content was chosen for the animated promo. 

(Below): A Colouring Book inspired design by London Taylor. This graphic features four colours: red, white, black, and yellow. Written similarly to the classic, three language text labels, found on colored pencils.


(ftd. Above): This official Colouring Book promotional video features a large rainbow circle similar to that of the "Pinwheel of Death" recognized on many Macintosh computers during that time. The band used these graphics to promote the reflections EP in the days before it's release.

- Posted by The Colour Negative 09/22/2017